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TRSuite Release Notes Version 19.02

Welcome to the release notes for TRSuite version 19.02. Read these release notes thoroughly before you install the latest update, as they contain information the User Guide documentation may not cover. Release 19.02. and later requires a valid support license valid after 1st of January 2019.

Please provide any feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TRSuite version 19.02 will offer new and important improvements that will help users to manage their tax reporting more easily as well as more professionally. Below you will find a list of the main important new features:




With version 19.02 of the provided excel templates it is not required to configure the template before the import. The solution recognizes the used template and uses the internal configuration for the data mapping. This also works for FATCA templates prior to version 19.02.

CRS templates require a manual change to allow the automatic import: Cell E-24 needs to be updated to the new version number.


pre-19.02 File Name
19.02 Document-Version
CRS_BasicTemplateLight_v1706 CRS_1902_S
CRS_BasicTemplate_MultiRepFI_v1706 CRS_1902_M_B
CRS_BasicTemplateLight_Correction_v1708 CRS_1902_S_C
CRS_BasicTemplateLight_FreeAddressCorrection_v1712 CRS_1902_S_FC
8966v2_BasicTemplate_v1612.xlsm FATCA_1902_S
FATCA_BasicTemplate_MultiRepFI_v1802.xlsm FATCA_1902_M
FATCA_NILReport_v1706.xlsm FATCA_1902_NIL

 If the loaded excel file cannot be matched, the user's configuration is used for the import.


Customer Identification Number

The customer's ID is now displayed in the About-Dialog:



CRS - Enhancements

Support for Finish Reporting Format



Cook Island Country Validator and Automatic Reporting FI Synchronisation

The Information Gateway Online Reporter (IGOR) is a system which enables financial institutions to submit reports to their local Tax Office.
If you are reporting to the jurisdiction of Guernsey (https://igor.gov.gg/) or Cook Island (https://crs.cookislands.gov.ck/).
The IGOR Reporting FI Synchronizer dialog enables the user to maintain all off his reporting FIs from within the tool, based on the entered reporting FIs.


Further reporting is supported by a new country validator for Cook Island.


Split exported files by Reporting FI

The Split and Save method split the current CRS report based on the entered residence country codes of the account holder into individual files (one per country).
Also the generation of a single XML file for each reporting FI is now supported.

Similar to the tax residence country splitting it is now possible to collect data for multiple reporting financial institutions in one report and generate single OECD-XML file for each of the reporting FIs during the export.


HK CRS - Enhancements

Support for multi-residence import from excel files

It is now possible to enter multiple tax residence country codes as a comma seperated list of ISO codes.


Correction and Deletion of XML document

To correct or delete a previous sent XML report, load the XML report into TRSuite and use the Create Deletion/Correction functionality to prepar the report accordingly: The document and message type is set, origin document reference IDs are moved to the corrected document reference field, the corrected account number field is filled with the initial account number value and finally a new document reference ID is generated for each account report. Furhter a new message reference ID is generated.

After all corrections are applied the new report can be exported using the standard export functionality.


FATCA - Enhancements

Automatic Excel Template Detection

It is not required any more to define a data dictionary and configuration sheet when importing one of our standard templates.

The internal configuration can be over-ruled, if a customized template is used.


Split exported files by Reporting FI

The Split and Save method split the current FATCA report based on reporting FIs. It generates a single XML file for each reporting FI.


IRS Certificate Update

As you are aware, the public/private key pairs used for encryption for FATCA filings have an expiration date. The IRS Public Key for FATCA filing expired end of November. The IRS has a new key and will replace the existing key on November 30, 2018. After November 30, you will need to download the new IRS Public Key from IDES to file your FATCA Reports and configure the IDES module settings or use the TRSuite internal one which is now replaced with the following:




Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • Common: Excel-Import now supports number formats with dots or commas as decimal point
  • CRS: Split by Residence Country - in case of AT-Country-Validator document reference IDs were not created during export
  • CRS: Split by Residence Country - file naming during export based on selected configuration: MSG_REF, DEFAULT, DEFAULT_2
  • IT: proper validation of entered TIN according https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/tin/pdf/en/TIN_-_country_sheet_IT_en.pdf
  • In case of a validation error the document reference ID of the erroneous element is shown