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TRSuite Release Notes Version 1812

Welcome to the release notes for TRSuite version Read these release notes thoroughly before you install the latest update, as they contain information the User Guide documentation may not cover. Release and later requires a valid support license valid after 1st of October 2018.

Please provide any feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TRSuite version 18.12 will offer new and important improvements that will help users to manage their tax reporting more easily as well as more professionally. Below you will find a list of the main important new features:




New Canada CRS-Reporting module supporting Part XIX Information Return XML files.


Costa Rica Country Validator

Costa Rica Tax Authority re-defined the structure of the message and document reference IDs as followed:

  • MessageRefId: Validate the following structure, which has no spaces, that is 24 lake characters: Example CR2017FR3101000000.00001
  • DocRefId: It will have 33 characters long. The DocRefId will be equal to the MessageRefId plus an 8-digit consecutive separated by a period. Example CR2017FR3101000000.00001.00000001 and the system will validate that each DocRefId of the XML contains the first 24 digits equal to the MessageRefId and that the DocRefId is not repeated in any XML so that it can be guaranteed that it is unique in space and time.

The newly introduced CR country validator brings support to generate the IDs accordingly. The user is asked to enter the consectuive numbers when generating the IDs.

Best practice

  1. Import/Capture all data
  2. Generate the message reference ID
  3. Generate the DocRefIDs


FATCA Module

Support for Australia Reporting Format

For 2019 FATCA files must contain the appropriate wrapper header for lodgment via Bulk Data Exchange (BDE) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR) channels, similar to CRS reporting.

(Feature: 0000051: Australia BDDM Header for FATCA Reporting)


IRS Certificate Update

As you are aware, the public/private key pairs used for encryption for FATCA filings have an expiration date. The IRS Public Key for FATCA filing expired end of November. The IRS has a new key and will replace the existing key on November 30, 2018. After November 30, you will need to download the new IRS Public Key from IDES to file your FATCA Reports and configure the IDES module settings or use the TRSuite internal one which is now replaced with the following:



Notification Schema 2.4

In 2018, the FATCA Notification XML Schema v2.4 replaced v2.3 implementing the following changes:

  • 3 file level notifications added (NCF, NDF, NIF)
  • 1 existing file level notification deleted (NDP)
  • New record level error codes added (8019-8021)
  • New report type code added (USP)
  • New element NilReportRecordCnt added

The schema is now supported when extracting and analysing a IRS response.


  • Sponsor with Corrected Document Reference ID: Updating (removing) the corrected document reference ID of a Sponsor was not working previous to version 18.10

Mixing Fix and Free-Address now generates a single Address element instead of two in previous versions: