TRSuite Release Notes Version 20.05

Welcome to the release notes for TRSuite version 20.05. Read these release notes thoroughly before you install the latest update, as they contain information the User Guide documentation may not cover. Release 20.05. and later requires a valid support license valid after 1st of May 2020.

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TRSUIT-42: SEI FATCA Information Delivery v1.3 (Improvement)

The "Technical Specification and User Guide for Financial Institutions according to FATCA IGA 2" [hereafter: «User Guide»] has been updated and addresses new requirements from the IRS concerning the content of the FATCA-XML file (CARRef-Element in accordance with the FATCA XML scheme V2.0, cf. chapter 4.5.3 of the user guide). The general rule is that financial institutions concerned have to take into account the requirements of the IRS for the FATCA-XML that are valid at the time the file is delivered to the FTA.

TRSuite Version 20.05 implements all changes as described in version 1.3 of the User Guide. Further the software validates the reports against all important business and validation rules for SEI XML and FATCA XML as described in Business & Validation Rules FTA (PDF, 197 kB, 19.05.2020)


TRSUIT-57: SEI FATCA: NPE in case of 0.0.1900 birth date format (Bug)

In case the invalid birth date 0.0.1900 was entered into the excel template the import failed with a "Null Pointer Exception". This error condition is now handled correctly and the user is informed about the incorrect data.


TRSUIT-58 CRS: Adress element getting duplicated during export (Bug)

In case an address element was a combination of a free and fix address element the data was duplicated during the XML export. If only free or fix address element was used the data was exported without any issue.

Export of address data is now correct and no duplicate data element is produced.


TRSUIT-62: SEI FATCA: Support for Cover Letter (New Feature)

Since version 20.05 it is possible to add a cover letter to the generated delivery package. Simply select or enter the path to the relevant file and it will added automatically. If the delivery file is split due to size or account number restrictions the cover letter is added to each generated delivery file.


TRSUIT-61: SEI Reporting Pool Report Data Extractor (New Feature)

In case the FTA request further information about pool report data regarding threshold, the FI needs to send a excel file with specific data as described below.

To support financial institutes generating such a report we implemented a little tool (pool extractor) to extract the relevant information from pre-existing pool reports. As not all data is available in the pool report, there is still a major manual task to complete the data. The data is missing, because within the pool report there is no data available regarding above/below threshold data.

The flow looks like:

1.    Collect all your relevant pool report in one folder (Reports Root Folder)

2.    The tool collects all XML files within the defined folder, extracts the data and generates a enclosure.xlsx file (or as named by the user) in the root folder.
3.    Manually complete the data


TRSUIT-64: SEI Reporting Pool Report Data Extractor fails for FATCA XML 1.0/1.1 (Bug)

The extraction process failed for reports generated in year 2014/2015 in the old FATCA XML 1.0 or 1.2 format. Since version 20.05.01 also the extraction of the old formats is supported.


TRSUIT-63: IDES: IRS Response extraction fails with no error

The validation of the working directory failed during the extraction process of an IRS response. The process aborted without further notification. This is fixed for version 20.05.01.