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TRSuite Release Notes Version 20.02

Welcome to the release notes for TRSuite version 20.02. Read these release notes thoroughly before you install the latest update, as they contain information the User Guide documentation may not cover. Release 20.02. and later requires a valid support license valid after 1st of February 2020.

Please provide any feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IDES: Connection Test for IDES gatewy (TRSUIT-22) & Error message in case of bad authentication (TRSUIT-21)

The IDES module comes with a connection test to the configured SFTP-Server. It tries to connect the configured SFTP-Server using the provided username and password. 

The result of the connection test is displayed in the details area on the righthand side. E.g. the following error pops up in case the credentials are wrong or the password is expired:


Bug: SEI: Password Delivery Information PDF not getting generated (TRSUIT-30)

During packaging the application (generating the installer) the binary PDF template was damaged. Delivery packages were generated, but no password delivery PDF-file. Introduced with version 20.01.0, fixed since 20.01.1 / 20.02.0


Bug: SEI: FATCA reporting FI name split for SEI address if > 35 chars (TRSUIT-29)

If the name of the reporting FI has > 35 characters, an invalid SEI-XML address line was generated and the generated XML failed schema validation. Now a line break is added and the name is distributed over two lines.


Bug: SEI File size splitting / MB calculation (TRSUIT-32)

Since version 20.02 the decimal (10002 byte = 1 MB) multiplier is used instead of the binary (10242 = 1MiB) to calculate the file size in MB. Further the packaging logic was changed to ensure no extracted package exceeds the maximum file size (250 MB). Still it can happen, that the compressed file exceeds the soft maximum of 200 MB in case the delivery package contains a lot of large PDF files.


SEI: Import Default Values without column used (TRSUIT-23)

A new usage type (def) allows to defined default values in the data dictionary. During the import of an excel template the default data is used, even if the field is not used in the template at all. E.g. define a default currency for all account reports:

The column AC07 can be removed to allow simpler templates without columns all holding the same value.


XML Validation detailed error report (TRSUIT-31)

XML schema validation errors are now displayed in a structured way. This allows to easier identify the issue within the XML file.

Raw message format:


SEI: Validation (TRSUIT-34) / Warning, if fields exceed max spec length (TRSUIT-28)

Introducing the possiblilty to validate a complete report:

or a single information package using the context menu:


Text length is now checked in real-time during entering a text. If the length is above the maximum allowed the field background turns red:


SEI: Set SeiDeceased only for organisations (TRSUIT-37)

In case of person type organisation all defined default values were set during an excel import, even if the field is defined for INDIVIDUALS only, e.g. birth date, deceased. Since 20.02.01 only the relevant elements are set.


SEI: NPE in case of invalid birth date format (TRSUIT-38)

An invalid date format in an excel template causes a Null-Pointer-Exception during the data import, if the cell is formatted as "text". Since the error condition is properly handled.

The excel field needs to be formatted as "Date" or, if formatted as text the format must be YYYY-MM-DD.


IDES: Temp directory not getting generated (TRSUIT-39)

Generating a IDES transmission archive in a new working directory fails, because the temp folder can not be generated by the application. This is fixed in version

Manual Workaround: create the folder manually in your environment, e.g. if C:\FATCA2019 is your working directory, generate C:\FATCA2019\temp