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TRSuite Release Notes Version 19.11

Welcome to the release notes for TRSuite version 19.11. Read these release notes thoroughly before you install the latest update, as they contain information the User Guide documentation may not cover. Release 19.11. and later requires a valid support license valid after 1st of September 2019.

Please provide any feedback to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Updated! FATCA Metadata XML Schema v1.2

The IRS has updated the Sender File Metadata XML to version 1.2. For more information, visit the FATCA XML Schemas and Business Rules for Form 8966 page.

The new schema version is now supported by TRSuite.



Support for Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES)

The Multi Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is a full-service package for tax authorities developed by BearingPoint Careibean.

Our new export option allows to generated compatible reports for e.g. Vanuatu, Curacao, Marshall Islands and further countries selecting the FC 2.1 XML schema.

Collect all your relevant CRS data, save the data in a TRSuite work item and export the XML file to transfer it to the MDES portal of your local tax authority.




Account Report Search

The Search-Functionality now covers also the document reference ID field and allows search for multiple fields using the keywords: AND / OR.



CRS - Enhancements

Switzerland Charset-Validation

With version 19.07 the CRS-Report-Validation enhanced the check of forbidden characters, forbidden character combinations and single characters repeated multiple times (according to Technische Wegleitung chapter 7.2):

CRMT: Character Repeated Multiple Times

FCC: Forbidden Character Combination

FC: Forbidden Character



The error report now also displays the document reference ID of the invalid account holder (if available). Further the excel export is splitted into columns for better sorting and/or filtering of the errors: